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Releasing November 15, 2016: AFTERMATH

A girl returns to her family after being kidnapped, only to discover that everyone’s unraveled in the wake of her absence.

Locked in her kidnapper’s attic for four long years, the only thing that gave sixteen-year-old Charlotte Weatherstone any comfort was thinking about her family, healthy and happy. Now that Charlotte has escaped her captor and come home, she expects to return to the idyllic life she remembers. But she soon discovers that her family, devastated by her disappearance, has fallen apart: her father has turned to divorce, her mom has turned to alcohol and her sister Alexa has turned to delinquency. And the FBI can’t find proof of Charlotte’s claims of a previous victim in the attic.

Charlotte’s dad wants her to tour the country, giving hope to families of missing children, but her mom thinks she’s a frail, broken little bird and won’t let her out of her sight. Alexa blames her for the destruction of their family. Charlotte may finally be free of her Keeper, but she may never be free of all the damage he caused all of them. To fix her broken family, and to find the body of her captor’s first victim, the traumatized girl must first heal herself.

With themes of heartache and hope, loss and love, and triumph over tragedy, fans of ROOM, THE LOVELY BONES, and PRETTY GIRL-13 will love this book.

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