The RITA Award-Winning RUN TO YOU Series is now the DECEPTION SO Series! And it’s in print!

That’s right! Tessa and Tristan are BACK! With new titles, new covers, and this time in print. Best of all, I’m continuing the series with more books!

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I’ve been hinting lately that I have big exciting news, and now I can finally share it. The headline above is correct: RUN TO YOU is back, with new titles, new covers, and in print(!!!!!!). And best of all, I’m continuing the series with new books!

Over the past couple of years, many, many of you have asked me what’s happening with the Run to You series. Am I going to continue it, will the books ever be available in print, why were the books taken off the market, are they ever coming back, what happens next with Tessa and Tristan?

I’m going to tell you everything now, the full story. It’s a bit long, but I promise it has a happy ending. 🙂

When I first wrote Tessa and Tristan’s story, I intended it to be a long, multi-book series.

I wrote the first two books, signed with a literary agent, and she sold them to a publisher. After I sent in my contract, the publisher changed the title to RUN TO YOU, and then they decided to do something extremely risky: they published the two books as a six-part digital serial. They released Book One in three parts, and they released Book Two in three parts (the image on the left shows the covers to all six parts). But though readers loved the story, they hated the format, and they didn’t want to make six separate payments for the equivalent of two complete books. The digital serial flopped. Epic fail.

I was heartbroken. More than that—I was grief-stricken.


A Major Award

A few months later, Book One (the first three parts) finaled in the 2015 RITA Awards in two categories: Best YA Romance and Best First Book, and it won for Best First Book! The RITAs are to romance as the Oscars are to movies, so this is a huge honor. Nora Roberts—Nora Freakin’ Roberts!—presented me with the trophy, and I gave an acceptance speech to a crowd of 2000 people. That was almost two years ago, and I still can’t believe it happened.


My Editor’s Selfless Sacrifice

When I was in New York for the RITAs, my editor and I went out to lunch, and she told me she was so sorry that her marketing team had failed the series by turning it into a digital serial. She knows it’s a good series—it finaled in two RITA categories and won Best First Book, after all. She said that she believes in the series so much, and she feels so bad that they messed up the marketing strategy, that she wants give me my rights back so I can find a publisher that will do a better job of getting the books into the hands of readers. Her exact words!

Of course my agent and I accepted her offer. I’ll be forever grateful to my former editor for doing that, and I respect her and love her so much. It took a long time for the paperwork to go through, but I finally got my rights back to the series.

Paralyzed with Indecision

The books were unavailable for purchase while I decided what to do with them. My novel Aftermath released in hardcover from Simon & Schuster in 2016 and was doing great, and I was hard at work writing more books. But my heart and mind kept returning to Tessa and Tristan.

I wanted to get their books back on the market, but publishers rarely acquire books that had been previously released by a different publisher, even RITA Award winning books. And honestly, I was terrified to give a publisher control of that series again. For almost two years, despite knowing the obvious solution, I was paralyzed with indecision.

A Triumphant Return

But now, I am beyond thrilled to tell you that Tessa and Tristan are back! I’m publishing the series myself, with the help of my awesome author co-op, Snowy Wings.

That’s right, Tessa and Tristan are back, this time in print! And audio! With new covers! And new titles! I’m going back to my original titles, the titles I’ve used in my heart from the very beginning. Each book in the series is complete and full-length (no more chopped up serialized format!). And best of all… I’m continuing the series! After the re-release of Books One and Two, there will be more Tessa and Tristan books, plus a spin-off for Jillian and a spin-off for Logan, and maybe even books for other favorite characters.



by Clara Kensie

The RITA Award-winning, super-romantic psychic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past, and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies, and danger.

Danger. Deception. Betrayal. It must be true love.

Book One: Deception So Deadly 
releasing August 15, 2017

Book Two: Deception So Dark 
releasing February 13, 2018

Book Three: Deception So Dangerous
releasing August 14, 2018 (est)

Book Four and beyond…. TBA!

(Each book is complete and full-length – no more serialized format!)

No Stress, All Fun

A confession: I’m excited, but I’m also a little scared! Self-pub is a whole new world to me. Different markets, different strategies, more decisions, more options, and waaaaayyy more control. I have a lot to learn. But I’ve set one rule for myself, and that rule is: NO STRESS, ALL FUN. That’s why I started writing the Deception So series in the first place: I wanted to have fun writing books about characters I love. And now that I’m self-pubbing Deception So, I’m finally having fun again.




I want you, my readers, to have fun too!

I have lots of fun things planned for you all. I’ll be revealing the cover for Deception So Deadly soon (it’s gorgeous!), so watch for that next, plus I’m having giveaways and contests and all sorts of cool things. 

August 15th is coming up fast!  Let’s get the fun started right away.


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